For over 50 years Antwerp Sales International, Inc. (ASI) has been in the diamond wholesale trade. Established in 1948, as diamond cutters and  wholesalers, Norbert May created a business founded on honesty, integrity and expertise. As the business grew, so did ASI's reputation. Known in the industry as leaders with an eye for quality, Mr. May was able to form a partnership with a European site holder. This relationship enables ASI to deliver quality goods at competitive prices.
In 1978 he was joined by his nephew, Danny Klugman. Together they expanded the business to service the 47th Street wholesale trade. This subsequently led to Antwerp Sales becoming a major diamond source for wholesalers throughout the U.S.A. market. The company's increased clout in the marketplace translates to better pricing.

While never losing sight of the service oriented family business that Mr. May began, Antwerp Sales took its business to the next level; In 1981, the company successfully branched out and formed A.S.I. Fancies. Both divisions now specialize in big parcels, rounds or fancies, customized picking or bagging sent back to the manufacturer. Antwerp Sales is now a full service diamond supplier.

Antwerp Sales manufactures sizes from .01 up to 10.00 ct. in round or fancy shapes. Colors range from D to the fancy colors. The makes range from excellent to very good. The company's large inventory of G.I.A. reports start at .30 ct.

A.S.I. Fancies has a  large assortment of marquises, pears, ovals, princess and emerald cuts, trillions, baguettes and tapers all in fine makes. Colors range from collection to top silver.

At Antwerp Sales International our prices are competitive and our service is reliable and efficient. Whether it's a .01 or 10.00 ct. stone we can fill any order.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to helping you with all your diamond needs. To contact us just call 1-212-354-6515 or out of the New York area call toll free 1-800-257-6515. For the company address or to send an e-mail go to the
contact us page.

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